Can the child respiratory tract bad use medical oxygen atomizer?

Children as a result of the upper respiratory tract and other development is not yet perfect, immunity and resistance is lower, coupled with the weather change and virus infection, easy to suffer from respiratory tract infection and lead to mucous membrane swelling, mu

China's first ecological strategic alliance of health care big data industry in waves

Since 2011, health and family planning commission of shandong province to promote the health information platform construction of cloud, Inspur as a comprehensive strategic partnership, assist in health and family planning commission of shandong province residents based resource information construction, the overall population information, ele

Does using a medical atomizer affect your child's health?

Preparation before atomization: moderate temperature and humidity are required. If the air mist temperature is too low, it is easy to cause tracheal contraction and spasm, which will aggravate atomization stimulation of children. To phlegm many person, answer to suck phlegm to atomize again first, the person that has nasal cavity secretion, can answer to rinse nasal cavity to atomize again firs

AI medical station on the new wind mouth experts forecast future revenue or up to 1 trillion yuan

In recent years, the combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and medical treatment has become one of the development trends of the medical industry, and AI medical treatment has also become a new capital competition in the era of digital economy. According to statistics, the scale of China's AI medical market exceeded 13 billion yuan in 2017 and is expected to reach 20 billion yuan in 2018. The market value of artificial intelligence applications is expected to reach $127 billion by 2025, with the medical industry accounting for a fifth of the market. Some experts predict that AI medical market space is very considerable, the future revenue scale may reach more than one trillion yuan. (economic daily).
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